Camelina Sativa L.

Camelina sativa -also know as Gold of Pleasure, German sesame, Siberian oilseed or false flax or wild flax- is a flowering plant native to Mediterranean regions and Asia. Camelina has been cultivated over 3,000 years as a source of fiber and for its oil-rich seeds. During the Bronze and Iron age, it was an important crop in Greece, which continued to be grown at the time of the Roman Empire.

Value Chain

Since 2010 we have established a fully integrated value chain in Spain for the  production of high quality camelina products. The company’s main activities range from contract farming  up to harvest and camelina oil production.


Camelina Solutions is the European leader in camelina production, developing sustainable camelina plantations. We produce in semi-arid regions in Spain where no other oilseed alternatives can be cultivated. Additionally, we produce organic products.


All of our camelina plantations are monitored by our specialized agronomic team during the complete crop cycle. Our products are fully traceable down to the production plot.


We develop an ongoing R&D strategy, including a non-GMO breeding program, in order to provide our customers with the most innovative camelina solutions.